How my handwriting changed in four months

I didn't notice it until recently when I jotted notes in my pad. My strokes look different now. I used to write in very tiny letters, especially if they're cursive. But, now, I can barely write a complete short sentence in one line. I write in chubby letters now and my strokes became more curvy but aggressive than before.

I wonder if this is because I've been practicing how to write Lao characters, and the new strokes influenced my old style of writing.

My first round of learning Pasa Lao at Vangvieng
And driving a motorbike everyday, gripping a not-so-smooth accelerator knob, has also made the difference of my handwriting. Two callouses have appeared to be permanent in my right palm.

So much must have changed in me after four months here in Laos. I noticed my arms are darker now than the part under the sleeves. I think there are also some changes in me beyond my skin.

To catch up with some personal stuff that I did in this landlocked country, I will post my previous articles published on MindaNews.

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