Here are my sample projects and published articles. Let's tell great stories together. I'll help you write yours.




These are some of my articles about health, wellness and lifestyle. Read HERE.


PROFILE FEATURES: Global Trade Leaders


Looking back on their career, the Hinrich Honorary Leaders of Global Trade share their most valued experiences to inspire the new generation of leaders. This was a project for the Hinrich Foundation, an international non-profit organization that promotes sustainable global trade.


WEB DESIGN & CONTENT: Dolmen Editing

This is a website project of my creative collective to support artists and entrepreneurs, who share our values of creativity and sustainability. We help them tell their stories in various digital formats. Visit us.



 "The Mothers Who Fled Marawi" is a news feature published on The Diplomat. 


MABUHAY: Travel & Lifestyle

Mabuhay is an inflight magazine of the Philippine Airlines.

"Culture Warriors" tells about keeping the traditional handwoven baskets in Camiguin Island. 


"Against the Tide"
tells about female skimboarders in Dahican, where new sea turtles are hatched along the shore every year.

SABAIDEE: Travel & Lifestyle  

"Time to Send the Rockets" is a story published by Sabaidee magazine about the tradition of Lao people to launch improvised rockets to ask the heavens for rains to water their crops.



 These are the stories I co-wrote with a friend and fellow journalist, Jessie Boga, about our trip from the south to the north of Vietnam. Read HERE.


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